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One-on-One Meeting

Why Use One-on-One Meetings?

In these sorts of meetings, there will be a single host and a single invitee. These meetings are best for having close conversations, personal meetings, or any kind of service that requires one-to-one communication.

How to Create One-on-One Meetings?

To create a new meeting, go to Timetics->Meetings->Create New->One-on-One. You will then be directed to your unique meeting page where you need to add details for your meeting.

Add One-on-One Meeting Details

Fill in all the required fields for One-on-One meeting. Give a nice Title for your meeting, then give your Meeting Date, Location Type(you will get 4 location types), Price, Duration, TimeZone, and Host Selection. Now click on the “Creating” button.

Meeting Category

After creating a meeting, when you edit the meeting, you will get the category selection option. You can select multiple categories for meetings.

Meeting Location Type

You will get 4 mediums for meeting with your client. Google Meet, Zoom, Phone Calls, and In-Person Meetings.

You can use multiple meeting mediums if you want. For that, you have to click on the “+Add Another Location” button. Then you will be able to place your mobile number and meeting address.

After adding all the information click on the Next button. Now step 2 here you have to select your Meeting Host, Meeting Date Range, Buffer Time and Meeting Visibility.

Select Host

When you will add a Host for your meeting then you can see the time available for that host. If you select the Use Default Availability then you can see the preset timetable for that host.

And if you want to change your host’s timetable then click on Customize Availability. You can edit/delete the day and time if you want.

Meeting Visibility

When you are adding your meeting you can make it public or private. After adding all the information to create a meeting, click Create Meeting button to create your new meeting.

All your meetings will show as like below, You can Clone/Edit/Delete your meeting from here.

Minimum Notice Time For Booking

You can set the minimum notice time for booking. Edit your meeting -> Time and availability tab and set minimum notice time in Days, Hours or Minutes.

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