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Google Meet/Calendar Integration

One tool for video conferences is Google Meet. Because of its excellent audio and video quality, it is the best option for online meetings. This platform for remote meetings is compatible with G Suite applications, including Gmail and Calendar.

For Google Meet integration with Timetics, follow the video.

Configure Google API

Enable Google Calendar API by following the steps given below.

1) First of all, go to this link:  https://console.cloud.google.com/apis/library.

2) Now, you have to create a new project for adding a Google calendar on Timetics. Click on “Select a project” dropdown.

3) From “select a project” popup, create a new project.

4) Add a project name and click on the Create button.

5) Now, select a project that you already created.

6) Search for “Google Calendar API” on the search bar.

7) Choose Google Calendar API.

8) Enable this API by clicking on the Enable button

9) After enabling the Google Calendar API, you will be redirected to the API/Service details page.

10) From that page, Go to credentials from the left-hand menu. From the Credentials page, you will see a reminder to configure the consent screen.

11) Click on Configure consent screen button. From that User type section, Click on External and Create button.

12) From the App information page, Add your App name, User support email, app logo (If needed), Developer contact information and click save and continue.

13) No need to do anything on the Scopes tab. Click the Save and Continue button.

14) You can add one or more users to this app. We will not add any user now and click Save and continue.

15) From the Summary tab, Click on Back to the Dashboard from the bottom of the page.

16) Once you click on the “Back to dashboard” button, It will redirect you to the publishing status screen. From here, click on the “Publish app” button.

17) It will ask you to confirm these changes, Click on the Confirm button to make changes.

18) Now Go to the Credentials menu from the left-hand menu.

19) From the Credentials page, we will create new credentials for our app. Click on the Create credentials link and choose OAuth client ID.

20) From the Create OAuth client ID section, choose Application type as Web Application and Add a name.

21) From Authorized redirect URIs, add your URI from your Website dashboard->Timetics->Settings->Integration.

22) After providing the Redirect URI, click on Create button.

23) As soon as you click on the Create button, a popup will appear with your client ID and Clint’s secret code.

24) You will copy the client ID and client secret key from there and place it on your website. After adding the Client ID and Secret key, click on the save button and the “Connect” button will appear.

Now, you have to connect the App to sync your data from your website to Google Calendar.

  • Go to WordPress dashboard-> Timetics->Setting ->Integrations. Click on the Connect button from Google Calendar.

  • Choose a Gmail account you used to create APP credentials.

  • If you see the warning called “Google hasn’t verified this app”, click on the show advance link and click on Go to ….com(unsafe).
  • From the next screen, click on the Continue button

  • And that’s it. Now you can see the integration from dashboard-> Timetics->Setting ->Integrations. The button is successfully connected.

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