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Creating Meeting

Why use one-to-many with seatplan?

In these sorts of meetings, there will be one host and multiple invitees. Here you can make a visual seat plan using a seat map. These meetings are best for taking interviews, restaurants, cinema-hall, conferences or any sort of service that requires one-to-many communication

Meetings Creation

First of all, you need to go to Timetics -> Meetings -> Click on “Add New”. The type of meetings will be popup. Now click on “One-to-Many With SeatPlan“.

Add Meeting Details

After creating the meeting, you need to insert all meeting details step by step. Insert the meeting Title, Meeting Date, Location Type, Meeting TimeZone, Host and Meeting Duration.

Set price Type

In the one-to-many with seat plan feature, there has the option to add the various ticket price and seat quantities.

Host Selection

When you will add a Host for your meeting then you can see the time available for that host. If you select the Use Default Availability then you can see the preset timetable for that host.

And if you want to change your host’s timetable then click on Customize Availability. You can edit/delete the day and time if you want.

Meeting Description and Category

After creating meeting, when you edit the meeting, you will get the option for Meesting Description and Category.

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