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Customizable form(Pro)

If you want to add extra questions or fields on the booking form, you can easily add them in Timetics.

Extra fields for global meetings

When you add the question from settings, it will apply to all meetings.

Go to Settings> Customizable Form and click on Add another question for adding the extra questions.

After clicking the button, a form will be popup for your question. There are 5 types for adding questions.

Fill up the form according to your question. Now save changes.

If you want to edit, delete or copy the question, you can do it.

Extra fields for an individual meeting

When creating a meeting, go to the customizable form tab, here you can see the global adding fields that you add on the Settings.

Now, if you want to add more extra fields for individual meetings you can do it from the Meetings -> Customizable Form tab.

Front-end view

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